Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Worthington Practice Tues 10/7

This Tuesday (10/7) we are going to try out a new venue at the United Methodist Children's Home. Please practice your best behavior when you come; we are doing this first practice on a trial basis (so watch the potty mouth in the off-camber turns). The course is near the residence of the director, Dean Pulliam, and he will be out taking a look at the spectacle we are (so be sure to thank him if you see him for allowing us to use the campus).

DIRECTIONS: From the bike path option 1 & option 2, from High St. if driving.

Here's a rough course map...a good mix of high-speed, off-camber technical bits and power sections.


6:00: pre-ride
6:10: 20 min race (rest 5 min MAX)
6:35: 20 min race
7:00: coupon drawing
7:05: course tear down

Jon will be running the practice; I have a function at the Wexner Center with my pre-service teachers.

Bring your lights for riding home.

-Ryan & Jon


Layne said...

Ryan, John

Would you mind sharing the actual location of the park? If it's just off of the path at 161, it may even be closer than Woodward, as that park is just over 3 miles from the bridge.


Ryan said...

1033 high st.

Layne said...

looks like it's about halfway between braodmeadows and 161, quite a bit closer, in reality. just over a mile from 161 and the path, likely about the same from the bridge. nice...

Ryan said...

Note that it is north of 161 on high.

Layne said...
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Layne said...

I see, must have entered N. High Street into google. Looks like a pretty nice chunk of property! Thanks for pulling this together.

Mark said...

that property is big. It used to be a home for troubled teens?
My rents live up the hill right across the street near the fire station.
There is a place on the Olentangy Bike path to jump off into the neighborhood just north-west of that property near the Middle School or ride up behind the High School-Thomas Worthington off the path to North St. To High.

Anonymous said...


Updated course map, if that interests you

Plan on more climbing and fast runs, and less technical stuff, than previous practices, plus 3 barriers and a run-up, and even pavement. Course set-up was mostly in the dark, so I will be there around 5pm to polish off flag placement and start some pre-riding. It looks like we will beat the rain, but practice will go on wet or not.

Jon S.

Next week (possibly the last practice session) we should be at the same venue. We have a little more real estate to work with, so we may go for a longer lap.

Anonymous said...

Nice course layout last night. Deceptively difficult. Thanks!