Monday, October 28, 2013

Tuesday October 29, 2013 - Last DITCH Cross of 2013

This was October 22 course. Quite fun actually, fast and more open and we stuck to the North side of the ditch and camel hump near 315.
A small but quality turn out. We got a good 45-50 minutes of "racing" in....
Super thank you to Aidan S. for stepping up to put practice together on Oct 22.

This week -
Tomorrow -
Tuesday October 29th, 2013 will be the last organized practice of 2013.

Special Thank YOU goes out to Noah H for all his effort and time and investment this year in making these practices happen. He's been the staple in making these practices happen and traveling to practices with the flags and barriers nearly every week since August.
Please take a few minutes to thank him tomorrow at practice.

Come out and help set up around 5:00 p.m. so we can get to racing as close to 5:30.

Cincy UCI3 is this weekend.

Also get registered for The Smith Farms - CapCityCross race right now! Team Jeni's!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TEWSDay-October 15, 2013 - DitchCross - No Costume Needed

Ditch Cross is happening today.

Here's the dealeo.

They (who are 'they' really?) are working on putting in some sort of power lines in the ground right along the grass 'entrance' from FredTaylor Dr. There is a fence and some power equipment right along the road which will require everyone to either ride down the gravel road and around the lake, or ride in from the North side of the soccer fields.

No biggie, you need the exercise. Ride around.
  • Let's try to meet at the Ditch at 5:00 for setup. 
  • You stay till the end of practice for clean up.
Daylight is leaving us quickly - it's now dark about 7:00 p.m.
Bring lights for your ride home peoples.

No helmet, no practice. We like your brain.
Newbies and beginners welcome, make yo-self known -> we'll help.
Good to see many of you at CapCityCross Big Run and Team SixOneFour - Lobdell CX races

Upcoming Cyclocross Races - Green are CBUS / NEOCX (Cleveland)

Oct 20 – OVCX – John Bryan – Biowheels RacingREGISTER

Oct 26 – OCXCup – NEOCX / Cap City Cross – Paradise Garage & ODUREGISTER
Oct 27 – NEOCX / Cap City Cross – Paradise Garage & ODUREGISTER


Oct 27 – (non-Ohio, OVCX) – Eva Bandman-Louisville, KY
Nov 1 – Cincy3 Cyclo-Stampede – Darkhorse (Northern Kentucky)REGISTER
Nov 2 – Cincy3 Lionheart International – Team Hungry!, ZWS, 7 HillsREGISTER
Nov 3 – OCXCup – Cincy3 Harbin Park International – Biowheels RacingREGISTER

Nov 9 – (non-Ohio, OVCX) – Derby City UCI – Louisville, KY  
Nov 10 Cap City Cross #6 @Smith Farms P/B Team Jeni’s

Nov 10 – (non-Ohio, OVCX) – Derby City UCI – Louisville, KY

Nov 16 – Cap City Cross – COMBO Race Team
Nov 23 – OCXCup – Rock & Roll Cross – Ohio CX State Champs – NEOCX
Nov 24 – OCXCup – Rock & Roll Cross – Ohio CX State Champs – NEOCX


Nov 24 – (non-Ohio OVCX) – Major Taylor Velodrome – Indianapolis, IN

Nov 30 – PostGiving CX – Darree Fields – Cap City Cycling

Dec 1 – (non-Ohio OVCX) – Promotion Cross – Lexington, KY

Dec 7 – Cap City Cross – Paradise Garage
Dec 14 – NEOCX – Velodrome Urban Cross / Season Finale
Dec 15 – Cap City Cross – Backroom Roasters


Dec 15 – (non-Ohio, OVCX) – OVCX Finale – Brookside Cross Cup – Indianapolis, IN
Dec 15 – (non-Ohio, Midwest) – Midwest CX Regionals – Chicago, IL

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013 - We are Doing this. Show up. Race Your bike

It's on as usual tonight.
Come early to help set up.
about 5:15.

we need to get mock races started at or before 6 p.m. if possible.
Helmet required.
Bring your happy face.
Bring a friend.

This was Tuesday Sept 24th Course.
Long and painful, but fun.