Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10/29 - mock races, final edition

For directions, review previous posts. All riders must have a USAC license or buy a single-day version (forms available at sign-in, $5 fee), pay $2 insurance fee, and wear a helmet. We start racing as close to 6pm as possible. Sunset is just past 6:30pm, so not sure that we will be able to wrangle two full heats. Call 668-1882, or post to the Yahoo group, with Q's.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thurs 10/22 mock races ON!

Unless there is a pretty drastic change in the pace of the rain moving in, we're racing. Worthington Methodist Childrens Home. We start as close to 6pm as possible, everyone must sign in, be USAC licensed or buy a one-day, pay the $2 fee, and wear a helmet. All appropriate details have been posted previously, for anyone not having attended before. Early arrival helps everything go smoother. Mason is usually there by 5:40-5:45pm to start the registration. I'm available at 668-1882 for more info.

In the interests of pumping up the attendance, there will be an additional sign-in sheet, for a drawing to win a gratis entry to one Cap City event this season. There could possibly be limitations to this, so no whining. Thanks for all the support. Next week should be the last official practice for 2009.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Cross practices - miscelaria

First, for those increasingly large numbers that did NOT show up for a fine course and great training conditions, here is a confusing ET's-eye view of the goings on (counter-clockwise). Climbing, descending, less technical, more open, more bog. Special thanks to Paul and Kirk for assistance.

I also may not have posted explicitly enough about the course set-up time. Volunteers are always appreciated, but I don't want to waste anyone's time. IF you are coming, call me en-route (668-1882) so I can plan work for you to do when you get there, or head you off if I already have 2-3 folks coming. I get there about 4:30pm. Either having a helper at the very start, and/or 5:15pm or so, works best. I can only rough plan the course in advance, so specifics are done on-foot or with a pre-ride. We have two more potential sessions, so make the best of them.

Plans are already in the works fork next season's sessions. Post comments or start a discussion on the Yahoo group, and support CCX by doing events and spreading the word about cross.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thurs practice update

Conditions appear dry enough, so mock racing is on. 6pm. Arrive early to get signed in and pre-ride the course. Anyone able to come earlier and help set the course is appreciated. Call me if you are on the way, so I can factor it in. Directions are posted earlier in this blog.


Thursday, October 15 Practice

All right all you cross dudes and dudetttes - tonight's practice will be in Worthington again. Same time same place, same costs, same rules.

>Interview with Jerermy Powers by John Gatch.
>Ryan Knapp and his injury at Harbin UCI sunday
> Great video here of some Cross racing highlights

Rain forecast says 100% today in Worthington.
If it is sprinkling, or drizzle - practice is ON like donkey kong.

If it is raining cats and dogs, or otherwise dangerous weather, there will be no practice.

Sunset tonight is about 7:00 PM est. ugggg Bring lights.

Mason and Jon will be there to get the course set up. Be there around 4:45 or so to help set up. The faster we get set up the quicker we can start practice races. Questions? leave a message here or use one of the telephone numbers listed in other posts.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday skills drills


Neither Mason or I can make the practice tonight. We also aren't sure whether the interest is still there for doing two nights a week, with the race season now in full swing. I am still available for doing the Thurs mock races, but with many weekends being double events, that might also be overkill. Even though it was dry, last week's turnout was lower.

If someone wants step in and lead/organize a session for tonight, post to the Yahoo group, and I'll also post it here. Antrim would be my suggestion. I'll take a pulse at the Thurs races and see about the following weeks.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

re: Tuesday mock race

I appreciate everyone toughing out the drizzle and darkness to clean the course. Special props to those that made it early to set flags, barriers, etc. In the hustle I don't get to thank folks individually.

Next week we should be back to the Thursday sched. In the interests of the prompt 6pm start, limited daylight, and a shortage of flags, I'm going to run shorter course lengths. Lap times will be less representative of typical races, but we'll still shoot for several 20 minute races. Oct 29th should be the last practice.

Look for upcoming posts re: possible informal practice time before the Jeremy powers presentation at BikeOne in Gahanna.


mock races TONIGHT!

Looks like no-to-minimal rain, so the sessions are on.

Practice will be at the Worthington United Methodist Children's Home property.
Here is how to get there from the Olentangy Bike Path.
Here is how to get there from High St. if you are driving your car.

  • Practice will start at 6pm promptly. (2008 Course)
  • Bring your USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 2-dollars if you already have a USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 7 dollars if you DO NOT have a USA Racing License
  • ----5 dollars for a One-Day Racing License
  • ----2 dollars for One-Day Insurance costs
  • Bring lights for your ride home. (sunset is at 7:06pm)
  • Bring IT
Everyone must pay to race, and sign a form. Sorry, we can't let you race if you don't pay and sign the USA Cycling Insurance forms. We must charge for insurance - this is private property. Any of you that can arrive early to help set up the course is helpful. Please call Jon (668-1882) if you're coming. I should be there after 4:30pm.

Monday, October 5, 2009

practice race this week - show of hands


Due to the Jeremy Powers visit at BikeOne this Thurs, we've decided to not have any official practice that night. There may be several informal options, so check the Yahoo list.

We have discussed having the races on Tuesday, instead of the skills. First, we are checking with the venue for conflicts. If that's a go, a show of interest would help. Are riders interested in mock racing on Tues, or the usual skills, or a night off. Post to the Yahoo list, or email me directly at . I'll confirm results Tuesday afternoon.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

re: mock races Oct 1

Race times start around 6pm.


mock races Oct 1

We are racing tonight, again at the Worthington Methodist Childrens home. Get there early and get registered. Remember, all riders must carry a current, valid USAC license, or fill out the single-day form ($5 fee), and all pay $2 to cover the insurance costs, provided through Team Awesome. Exact change really helps. Anyone available for course set-up labor is welcome to help out. I'll be there by 4:30pm. Call ahead if you can so I can factor in the plans.

668-1882 cell