Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Follow up to Sept 17 and Help needed for Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tonights course - was long -
We received some good feedback about the layout tonight. Thanks for saying thanks.
Noah - our faithful leader, said we ended up with about 3/4 of a mile and average single-lap time was about 3 minutes or so.
We had about 50 turnout tonight. We kinda need to make sure to start racing at 6 or before soon. Sunset is closing in on us.
Tuesday - Sept 17th Course map

Tuesday - Sept 24th - 
we go for a world record longest course ever at Tuesday night practices.

We need your help to make it happen.
AT least four-groups of a few people with some red and yellow flags in hand to hit each 'corner' of the ditch. Noah - will try to arrive at 5:15 with the bag of goodies, unless someone can volunteer to get the stuff from him and arrive at 5:00 to get a head start.

We might have to ride around the soccer fields as long as it won't interrupt anything over there. We'll use more of the other camel hump and add in some long sweeping turns in the flat part of the ditch add in more sweeping circle-ish turns. It should help add in distance and time.

We're also running low on red and yellow flags if anyone would like to donate some to our cause? Would also still be cool if someone would build some wooden barriers? Anyone have a video camera who can come out and shoot some video? for our little blog here?

Newbie's and beginners - make yourself known if you need help with skills and drills. We love to teach - if you love to learn. 

Please publicly Thank Noah for bringing the bag of stuff every week - and setting up the course and what not - you know - he's not getting paid. 

Last >>>>  - please if you aren't there to set up the course, at least take the initiative to help tear down.  We do have an electric cattle prod.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - Ditch Cross goes long

Tonight we go long.

Laps should be about 8 to 10 minutes.

We'll be riding across some bridges and using parts of the Ditch you haven't seen before.

We'll need some help to get this accomplished quickly tonight.
Show up at 5:15 p.m. if you can to assist putting flags in the ground and assembling barriers.

Racing starts at 6:00 p.m.

Here is some fuzzy GPS tracks from last week.

Beginners welcome - Make yourselves known. We can help get you started.

  • Bring a friend, bring someone new to DitchCross!
    1. Make sure they bring a bike and a helmet.
    2. No helmet - NO practice 
    3. Bring your smiles, great attitudes and willingness to learn.
  •  Watch Video - great on the bike camera - example of a regional cross race. 

Coaching Stuff -
  • Video; Study how and where people are using their brakes (when they shouldn't be), watch the sand pit section (see how many struggle and go so slow?), watch the sections in the video where the riders are going down slightly - see how many are NOT pedaling and are not passing? You go downhill, you pedal, you go around a tree, you pedal if you can. You have an opportunity to pass, go and pass ---- never settle for sitting on a wheel --- Race your crossbike. You ride around a sweeping turn, find a way to pedal. Pedal in, pedal out. Shift before the turn, plan before any hills to shift before the bottom(to avoid shifting under heavy load), brake and adjust your speed before the turn. How about those turns in the video? Are the riders taking the BEST line and fastest line through each turn (or are they mindlessly following wheels?). How would you have ridding sections different if you were wearing that camera? Are people looking around the turns with their head and eyes as they approach each turn?
  • Never ever stop pedaling your crossbike.
  • Never stop thinking, improving while you are racing.

See you at DITCH Cross -

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Sept 10, 2013 - DitchCross - Africa Hot in September

Big turn out of over 50 last week.
Course got longer and wider.

Tonight - Same place, same grass, more Heat.

  1. skills n' drills for a short time. 
  2. Mock racing. (Lots of it)
  3. Longer course
  4. No jerks
  5. You knock over the PVC barriers- you shall stop and put them back up. 
Coach Tip
- Check your chain Length. If your chain is bouncing around at practice, or bouncing off, it might need some links removed. DitchCross grass is quite smooth, which may not be the case for other race courses you will see. 
The tighter your chain is, or more tension there is from your rear derail, the less likely you will bounce your chain off your front rings. There are also front chain ring guides or front chain ring guards you can purchase. Or new rear derailleur options with a 'clutch' or 'ratchet' system to eliminate derailleur bounce and chain slap without sacrificing shifting precision. If you shorten your chain, make sure it works with all the cassettes you will be utilizing for the entire season.
If you are NEW or a Beginner please let someone know....we can help with some focused skill training/coaching.

 Daylight is getting shorter - Sunset is about 7:50 PM
Bring front and rear lights for your ride home.
>>>>>  It's going to be Africa hot tonight - bring lots to drink.

Show up about 5:15 or so - to help set up flags for the course. Stick around to tear down flags and help put things away.

: A few Pics from Tuesday September 3 Practice :