Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Sept 10, 2013 - DitchCross - Africa Hot in September

Big turn out of over 50 last week.
Course got longer and wider.

Tonight - Same place, same grass, more Heat.

  1. skills n' drills for a short time. 
  2. Mock racing. (Lots of it)
  3. Longer course
  4. No jerks
  5. You knock over the PVC barriers- you shall stop and put them back up. 
Coach Tip
- Check your chain Length. If your chain is bouncing around at practice, or bouncing off, it might need some links removed. DitchCross grass is quite smooth, which may not be the case for other race courses you will see. 
The tighter your chain is, or more tension there is from your rear derail, the less likely you will bounce your chain off your front rings. There are also front chain ring guides or front chain ring guards you can purchase. Or new rear derailleur options with a 'clutch' or 'ratchet' system to eliminate derailleur bounce and chain slap without sacrificing shifting precision. If you shorten your chain, make sure it works with all the cassettes you will be utilizing for the entire season.
If you are NEW or a Beginner please let someone know....we can help with some focused skill training/coaching.

 Daylight is getting shorter - Sunset is about 7:50 PM
Bring front and rear lights for your ride home.
>>>>>  It's going to be Africa hot tonight - bring lots to drink.

Show up about 5:15 or so - to help set up flags for the course. Stick around to tear down flags and help put things away.

: A few Pics from Tuesday September 3 Practice :

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