Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - Skills n' Drillz - Longer Course

::  Cbus Cyclocross Peoples ::

First - thank you everyone for your attention and listening skills and interactivity last week. It was quite impressive and exciting. More of the same tonight please and thank you. These are community practices it takes more than one to make them great.

The rain moved away, I think we will escape it tonight.
It appears we need more than 30 minutes to set up the practice area.

If you can show up ready to put some flags in the ground around 5:15 and assist, we can try to be ready by 6 to start skills.

Beginners, we welcome you and your bike. Make yourself known - we can help.

Tonight -
  • Bumping Drills
  • Figure 8 of Death
  • Carrying your bike
  • Barrier break down practice
  • Race Starts
  • Discuss - tire pressure, gearing, shifting, picking lines.
 >>>   Mock racing <<<
    • Beginners, Intermediate and Experts
Just a reminder, the courses are going to get longer each week. Bring plenty of water or drink to hydrate yourself, it's going to be hot and humid tonight. Bring food to eat and a pump or some way to put air in your tires. Don't forget lights for your ride home.

Request #1 - we need some real wooden barriers for practice. If anyone is interested in building some, we can find a place to store them nearby. They can be from 12" to 16" - more of the 12" might be better for practices. They need to be portable, light in weight, not dangerous and have the ability to be pushed into the ground. Paint and decoration optional.

Request #2 - Several of us, started a 'bridge' over the creek near the rear of the property. We need some help finishing this and making it as safe as possible and ridable. We will use this to gain access to a huge camel-hump hill and more grass.  Chicken wire? more wood? smooth transition on and off both sides, both ways. Please and thank you.



Anonymous said...

In town for the week and was curious if this a regular Tuesday event ? If so where this week 9/9/13 and how can I help?

NC Biker...

Mark said...

NC Biker,

Sept 10 DitchCross is happening. It will be africa hot tonight.
We practice in the same place everyweek. Between Fred Taylor Drive and 315 North. South of Ackerman in grass (ditch) across from baseball stadium.