Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday 9/29 practice cancelled

Sorry folks, but the usual suspects are all unavailable. If anyone plans on unofficially training anyway, post to the Yahoo groups and I'm sure others will follow. Train your weaknesses, race your strengths.

The Thurs mock races in Worthington are still on at this point. Check here for day-of updates.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thurs course set-up

If you like having these mock races, consider helping make them happen. Even with a rush job, it takes me about 2hrs to do a course solo, plus 1/2 hr at home pre-designing. I'm no cross course genius, so I'd welcome the labor as well as creative input. The earlier we are done, the sooner the races can start, and daylight is getting shorter. Just one or two people per week would be great, and knowing ahead of time even peachier. And actually, if one person could commit to helping Mason with the sign-in each week, that would also be awesome.

And to those that wimped out last Thurs due to the rain, a couple of dozen soccer kids got something to say to you (insert raspberry noise here). You missed some super training opportunities.



One dislocated index finger, w/bruised RH shoulder and LH shin

Friday, September 25, 2009

Follow up - Thurs Sept 23 Practice

Believe it or not I think we had almost 20 boys and one woman (you rock, Jen) show up last night in the sprinkles. A great group of folks - all various levels paid to mock-race in the rain on a challenging course. My gps map from last night in the photo.

The course included two PVC barriers, two log barriers with a hard left turn between them, several down and up's, some low and flying branches, lots of twisty bits in and around trees/bushes, a few really gushy grass sections (filled up with water as our practice progressed) and a short bit of pavement. We had I think two bee stings, one small bruise, one pulled calf muscle, course cutting by JH, and lots of drooling in the rain by everyone.
Thanks to Jon and Mason and anyone else that helped setup. Everyone that showed up to race stayed to help tear down. Kudos.
Thanks to Team Awesome for paying out the cash (making the 'fancy flyer') for the USA Cycling permits and getting this new practice location together.

We still need more volunteers to help set up. Please let Jon know if you can lend a hand before the practices.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

practice is on!

yea, buddy.....

Thurs cross practice update

First, the facility requested that we park in a different lot this year, circled here


Second, it may be a rain-out. I plan on being there around 4pm to start the course set-up, so another update will be posted by then. I think we can handle damp, but a saturated course would do too much damage. IF we race, volunteers are appreciated.


Thurs.Sept.23 Practice Location-Worthington >>>

tonight's practice will be at the Worthington United Methodist Children's Home property.
Here is how to get there from the Olentangy Bike Path.
Here is how to get there from High St. if you are driving your car.

  • Practice will start at 6pm promptly. (2008 Course)
  • Bring your USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 2-dollars if you already have a USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 7 dollars if you DO NOT have a USA Racing License
  • ----5 dollars for a One-Day Racing License
  • ----2 dollars for One-Day Insurance costs
  • Bring lights for your ride home. (sunset is at 7:29)
  • Bring IT
Everyone must pay to race and sign a form. Sorry, we can't let you race if you don't pay and sign the USA Cycling Insurance forms. We must charge for insurance - this is private property. If any of you can arrive 5:20 PM or so to help set up the course that would be very helpful. If you've raced and not helped set up or tear down, this is a great night to put back to the sport and help. The season has started for some! Only 9 Days till This happens.

We hope to get in a bunch of racing tonight. Bring a friend and a cowbell.
questions? leave a comment.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

practice tonight a go!

Antrim Park, likely in either this area


or here


practice tonight 9/22

No final decision yet. Sun is currently out, but stuff could brew up, and the turf is probably fairly saturated. Tentative plan was for low trauma/compact drills (w/o flags or barriers) at Antrim, led by Mason. An update will be posted by 5pm-ish.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

re: Kenny park 9/17

Labor volunteers are welcome. I would say no earlier than 5pm. We can't do an elaborate set-up, or start too early, w/o knowing what the soccer folks will be doing. Most likely we'll stick to the perimeter of the land, use elevation, twisty turns and the singletrack, to bump laps times up.


Thursday, Kenny Park, 6:00 pm

Looks like we'll be a Kenny Park one more time, sorry for all the confusion. We should be able to start at the Children's Home next week.

See you there, bring your lights!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday, 15th, Kenny Park

Let's plan on Tuesday at Kenny Park again for the skills practice. We're hoping to put a skills / obstacle course together. The plan is to hold heats with a handful of people and see how you fare. A mini skills race, of sorts.

Mason is planning to set up, if you can help, head to the park around 5:30 and let a hand.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

C-Bus Cross Practice Video - 09/10/2009

Here's a long video (12 min) of practice. Sorry for the length, still trying to learn the editing part and ensure I get everyone riding/racing. Hopefully the music is entertaining enough for everyone, if not you can always hit the mute button :) I need to bring a taller tripod for the video camera. I slowed down some of the "A" and "B" riders to show how different everyone takes those turns. >Note where some are looking and where others are looking, check out the body position, most are sitting down. Is everyone pedaling? What are they doing to get through there faster? Also look at those getting back on their bikes after the barrier's. Who's fast? Why?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Practice This Week, Tues + Thurs

We hope to see a good showing this week again, thanks to all who came out last week.

Tuesday (tonight) - Kenny Park, about 6 p. Keep an eye on the weather. If it's really wet, we'll likely cancel. If it's just a light rain, it's looking like we'll be there. Don't want to tear up the park and lose the venue.

Thursday - Let's do Kenny Park again, 6p. We're looking at setting up two courses, a learners course, and another that can run in tandem. Still working out the details for the Children's Home.

Be sure to read Gamm's article below, good stuff there.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Transitioning into Cyclocross Season

The foundations of a successful Cyclocross season are laid long before the days shorten, leaves turn, and temperatures drop. The beginning of any Cross program begins with a proper transition from the road or mountain bike training which typically occupies a ‘Cross racers spring and summer. There are two approaches taken to this transition, the appropriate choice is dependent on athletes expectations and goals for the upcoming ‘Cross season. The first approach is to utilize a full recovery period before transitioning into a Cyclocross training program. The second approach is to adapt ones road or mountain bike fitness developed over the spring and summer and carry it as long as possible into the Cyclocross season.

For those athletes with goals looking to ride strong for the entirety of their local or regional series, as well as those aspiring to bring their best to Nationals in December; a full recovery period is in order. This essential recovery period is often overlooked or cut shorts as the athlete often is concerned about losing fitness or motivated to start their upcoming Cross training regiment. Depending on the intensity of the athletes program during the previous months, a break of about 7-14 days of either time off the bike or a drastically reduced training volume and intensity must be taken. This time off ensures the athlete will adapt properly to the upcoming stresses of the Cross season as well as a great window to start developing running abilities, core strength, fitting and adapting to new equipment, and mental preparation for the challenges ahead.

The second approach is to adapt the athlete’s road or mountain bike fitness built throughout the spring and summer and directly applies it to Cyclocross racing. This approach is usually best for the athlete looking to “stay fit” or “just have fun”. I like to relate it to using a blunt object to perform surgery, although it may get the job done, its unlikely to end pretty. Even with a well designed program the athlete continues to perform well until the inevitable physical or mental fatigue sets in. At this point it’s usually best to pack it in and enjoy the offseason to avoid digging oneself into an even deeper hole. When planning this transition the athlete is best suited to work on their limiters before the Cyclocross races begin. For roadies this usually means development of muscular force and endurance, such as big gear and threshold work. For mountain bikes this could be a great time to focus on building some leg speed and developing anaerobic capacity. As always, these limiters vary for each individual.

Cross rewards athletes willing to train to the specific demands of each race. This can be done by practicing starts, sprints, technique, and developing muscular endurance for the duration of the event all on Cyclocross course. All of these can be done in a structured format at weekly the weekly cross practice, other training should be designed to compliment those efforts.

The 4 to 6 weeks leading up to Cyclocross season is the ideal window of time to start laying the foundations to a fun and successful season. The races of November and December are won with investments made in August and September.

Ryan Gamm is a USAC certified level 2 coach working for Ohio Valley Velo Sports. Ryan is a 2008 Miami University MA graduate as well as the 2007 OVCX Series Champion, 2007 Ohio State Cyclocross Champ, and 2007 Ohio Valley Spring Series Champion.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kenny Park, mock race edition

Minus the soccer practices, we were able to fire off two 5-lap events, plus some additional skills guidance. I'd say attendance was at least 30 riders. I forgot the sign-up sheet, so the schwag drawing (new merch has been supplied!) will be forwarded to next week Tuesday. For future race Thursdays, race entry coupons should return.

I really encourage riders new to racing, cyclocross or other, to seek advice. That's why we are doing the skills nights. There are some experienced local racers showing up, so tap that knowledge base. Fitness is not the only thing that makes them fast.

Always check this page for last-minute updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for locations and arrival times. Any extra labor assistance is appreciated, but I don't want to have anyone needlessly waiting around. Skills night set-up should usually be around 5:30pm. Race nights probably 4-4:30pm.


Practice Set-up Timing Tonight!

For those interested in helping set-up tonight, don't get there too early! Jon said he mentioned a time around 4:00, but let's make that more like 5:00 or so. Thanks in advance to anyone who's able to come out early.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday, Kenny Park, 6:00 pm

This Thursday will be at the same park, (Kenny Park) about 6:00. Next Thursday we should start at our regular venue. This week, we plan to set up a shorter practice race course and have some additional skills sessions going on. See the post below for location, or check for Jon's email with riding directions.

If you can get there a little early, any help setting up would be greatly appreciated.

Have questions on how to do something, not quite getting your remount? Can't lose the stutter step? Feel free to ask for additional help / advice.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out last night, to John for his set-up, he and Mason for their teachings, and to those who helped tear down.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

first practice @Kenny Park

Thanks all for a huge turnout. Nearly 40 riders. I talked to many new folks, so the word is getting out. Lotsa help from the Jeni's crew, and others. Thx!! Loads of valuable info doled out, too, so I'm expecting results at the first race. Keep yer eyes peeled to these pages for the final call, but I believe we are going to try to have the 9/3 race at at Kenny Park. Might be a shorter course than previously, but riders make the race, right? Be sure an arrive early for a warm-up, and sign up for the chance to win a gratis race entry.


I am no video editor...but I just got my camera and thought this might be a good way each week to see the practices, turnout and how they flow. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some cool video and catch everyone doing something right :) Props to all that showed. Bring a friend next practice. Show up early for set up or stay late to help tear down if you can.