Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kenny Park, mock race edition

Minus the soccer practices, we were able to fire off two 5-lap events, plus some additional skills guidance. I'd say attendance was at least 30 riders. I forgot the sign-up sheet, so the schwag drawing (new merch has been supplied!) will be forwarded to next week Tuesday. For future race Thursdays, race entry coupons should return.

I really encourage riders new to racing, cyclocross or other, to seek advice. That's why we are doing the skills nights. There are some experienced local racers showing up, so tap that knowledge base. Fitness is not the only thing that makes them fast.

Always check this page for last-minute updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for locations and arrival times. Any extra labor assistance is appreciated, but I don't want to have anyone needlessly waiting around. Skills night set-up should usually be around 5:30pm. Race nights probably 4-4:30pm.


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