Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thurs.Sept.23 Practice Location-Worthington >>>

tonight's practice will be at the Worthington United Methodist Children's Home property.
Here is how to get there from the Olentangy Bike Path.
Here is how to get there from High St. if you are driving your car.

  • Practice will start at 6pm promptly. (2008 Course)
  • Bring your USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 2-dollars if you already have a USA Cycling Racing License
  • Bring exactly 7 dollars if you DO NOT have a USA Racing License
  • ----5 dollars for a One-Day Racing License
  • ----2 dollars for One-Day Insurance costs
  • Bring lights for your ride home. (sunset is at 7:29)
  • Bring IT
Everyone must pay to race and sign a form. Sorry, we can't let you race if you don't pay and sign the USA Cycling Insurance forms. We must charge for insurance - this is private property. If any of you can arrive 5:20 PM or so to help set up the course that would be very helpful. If you've raced and not helped set up or tear down, this is a great night to put back to the sport and help. The season has started for some! Only 9 Days till This happens.

We hope to get in a bunch of racing tonight. Bring a friend and a cowbell.
questions? leave a comment.

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