Tuesday, September 1, 2009

first practice @Kenny Park

Thanks all for a huge turnout. Nearly 40 riders. I talked to many new folks, so the word is getting out. Lotsa help from the Jeni's crew, and others. Thx!! Loads of valuable info doled out, too, so I'm expecting results at the first race. Keep yer eyes peeled to these pages for the final call, but I believe we are going to try to have the 9/3 race at at Kenny Park. Might be a shorter course than previously, but riders make the race, right? Be sure an arrive early for a warm-up, and sign up for the chance to win a gratis race entry.


I am no video editor...but I just got my camera and thought this might be a good way each week to see the practices, turnout and how they flow. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some cool video and catch everyone doing something right :) Props to all that showed. Bring a friend next practice. Show up early for set up or stay late to help tear down if you can.

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