Friday, September 25, 2009

Follow up - Thurs Sept 23 Practice

Believe it or not I think we had almost 20 boys and one woman (you rock, Jen) show up last night in the sprinkles. A great group of folks - all various levels paid to mock-race in the rain on a challenging course. My gps map from last night in the photo.

The course included two PVC barriers, two log barriers with a hard left turn between them, several down and up's, some low and flying branches, lots of twisty bits in and around trees/bushes, a few really gushy grass sections (filled up with water as our practice progressed) and a short bit of pavement. We had I think two bee stings, one small bruise, one pulled calf muscle, course cutting by JH, and lots of drooling in the rain by everyone.
Thanks to Jon and Mason and anyone else that helped setup. Everyone that showed up to race stayed to help tear down. Kudos.
Thanks to Team Awesome for paying out the cash (making the 'fancy flyer') for the USA Cycling permits and getting this new practice location together.

We still need more volunteers to help set up. Please let Jon know if you can lend a hand before the practices.

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