Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - Skills n' Drillz - Longer Course

::  Cbus Cyclocross Peoples ::

First - thank you everyone for your attention and listening skills and interactivity last week. It was quite impressive and exciting. More of the same tonight please and thank you. These are community practices it takes more than one to make them great.

The rain moved away, I think we will escape it tonight.
It appears we need more than 30 minutes to set up the practice area.

If you can show up ready to put some flags in the ground around 5:15 and assist, we can try to be ready by 6 to start skills.

Beginners, we welcome you and your bike. Make yourself known - we can help.

Tonight -
  • Bumping Drills
  • Figure 8 of Death
  • Carrying your bike
  • Barrier break down practice
  • Race Starts
  • Discuss - tire pressure, gearing, shifting, picking lines.
 >>>   Mock racing <<<
    • Beginners, Intermediate and Experts
Just a reminder, the courses are going to get longer each week. Bring plenty of water or drink to hydrate yourself, it's going to be hot and humid tonight. Bring food to eat and a pump or some way to put air in your tires. Don't forget lights for your ride home.

Request #1 - we need some real wooden barriers for practice. If anyone is interested in building some, we can find a place to store them nearby. They can be from 12" to 16" - more of the 12" might be better for practices. They need to be portable, light in weight, not dangerous and have the ability to be pushed into the ground. Paint and decoration optional.

Request #2 - Several of us, started a 'bridge' over the creek near the rear of the property. We need some help finishing this and making it as safe as possible and ridable. We will use this to gain access to a huge camel-hump hill and more grass.  Chicken wire? more wood? smooth transition on and off both sides, both ways. Please and thank you.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday August 20, 2013 - Cross Practice - Let's do this

Girls and Boys of all ages.
The time is here again to bust out your cross bike or mountain bike and learn the art of CX.
We'll be at the ditch tonight setting up around 5:30 PM. Come help if you wish.

Skills and Drills start at 6:00 PM

Bring a smile, listening skills and interest in learning.

Racing season is just around the corner. Are you ready? Are your skills? 

- Cross is Boss -


Bring a friend.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 1-2013 - Ditch Cross - Photos

 Photos from Week 1 of Ditch Cross.
Total in attendance  40-50
We can do better than that.
Thank you Kim for the photos.
Looking forward to more people out this coming
Tuesday - Aug 20 >>>  6pm till 8 or so
  1. Skills N' Drills 
    1. Use these practices to break down the skills. Learn each part of the process, create good habits, learn to drive your bike properly.  
  2. Mock Racin'
    1. It's not about going super fast quite yet everyone. Work on the skills you are learning, fine tune them, plenty of time to go fast this cross season.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 Ditch Cross

it's happening again.

BLTDC - Better Life Through Ditch Cross

Start Date: Tuesday August 13, 2013.
Start Times:  6:00 PM
Location: The Ditch (center of photo below)

Tuesday Nights for as long as we have enough daylight or the weather holds out into late October.

If you wish to volunteer to help set-up flags and barriers, show up at the Ditch around 5:30 or so.

We will always appreciate help placing flags in the ground and picking up flags, putting barriers away and cleaning up at the end of each practice.
It would be cool if anyone had time to make a safe ridable bridge over the creek in the back (near 315), it would open up another hill and more grass.

Practice Requirements for 2013:
  • Cyclocross bike (or mountain bike)
  • Helmet (no helmet = NO practice)
  • PMA - Positive Mental Attitude
  • Willingness to listen, learn and have an open mind.
Weather will always be a factor. We will try to update this blog in case weather is looking ugly.  Practice will be canceled in the event of heavy rain to preserve the integrity of the Ditch. Always come back to this blog if you are wondering.
Is your cyclocross bike ready yet?
Pretty much every bicycle shop in town should be able to get you what you need and get you ready for cross practices. Don't wait to order or buy parts or bikes, do it Now. Parts and bikes go fast and they are selling earlier and earlier. Again, hit up the local bikeshops and start buying now.

Outline for Ditch Cross Practices
Beginners are welcome - please make yourself known if you are a beginner and need some additional assistance throughout the season and at any of the practices.

Weeks 1 & 2 - Skills - we'll break down some of the parts of cross with some repeat skills & drills.
  • Bumping drills
  • Race Starts
  • Cornering
  • Dismounting
  • Portaging/Shouldering
  • Remounting
  • Run-Ups
  • Off-Camber Riding
  • Barriers
Weeks 3 & 4 - Skills & Drills fine tuning. Short courses.
Weeks 5 & 6 - Skills & Drills as needed.
                        Adding Mid-length & longer length Courses

Each week, will consist of a warmup with some skills work and then a series of mock mini-races. All abilities (or no ability!) are encouraged to attend. Even if you can’t attend the we’ll help where we can to get you up to speed. All riding stays in the ditch, so there’s no worry about getting lost or left out on the road! Grass is way softer than pavement. In years past we’ve had all levels from new juniors to elites - from 15 to 75 people show up. 

Practice Races
After some skills n' drills - we'll start adding some courses in (Red flags on right, Yellow on left) so everyone can start putting their skills n' drills to use.
We'll line up at a start-line in groups, related to skill level for X number of laps.
As the season progresses, the courses will become more difficult and longer.

What Other Stuff Should I Bring to Practices?
  • Frame Pump or C02 Air
  • Spare Tube / tire levers / multi-tool
  • Lights for your ride home (as darkness approaches earlier and earlier)
  • Water Bottles or whatever you like to drink (Johan not present for hand-ups)
  • Food for you to eat to make you go faster
  • Working Bicycle - (fix it before you come to practice please)
See you on the 13th!!