Friday, October 16, 2009

Cross practices - miscelaria

First, for those increasingly large numbers that did NOT show up for a fine course and great training conditions, here is a confusing ET's-eye view of the goings on (counter-clockwise). Climbing, descending, less technical, more open, more bog. Special thanks to Paul and Kirk for assistance.

I also may not have posted explicitly enough about the course set-up time. Volunteers are always appreciated, but I don't want to waste anyone's time. IF you are coming, call me en-route (668-1882) so I can plan work for you to do when you get there, or head you off if I already have 2-3 folks coming. I get there about 4:30pm. Either having a helper at the very start, and/or 5:15pm or so, works best. I can only rough plan the course in advance, so specifics are done on-foot or with a pre-ride. We have two more potential sessions, so make the best of them.

Plans are already in the works fork next season's sessions. Post comments or start a discussion on the Yahoo group, and support CCX by doing events and spreading the word about cross.


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