Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thurs 10/22 mock races ON!

Unless there is a pretty drastic change in the pace of the rain moving in, we're racing. Worthington Methodist Childrens Home. We start as close to 6pm as possible, everyone must sign in, be USAC licensed or buy a one-day, pay the $2 fee, and wear a helmet. All appropriate details have been posted previously, for anyone not having attended before. Early arrival helps everything go smoother. Mason is usually there by 5:40-5:45pm to start the registration. I'm available at 668-1882 for more info.

In the interests of pumping up the attendance, there will be an additional sign-in sheet, for a drawing to win a gratis entry to one Cap City event this season. There could possibly be limitations to this, so no whining. Thanks for all the support. Next week should be the last official practice for 2009.


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