Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday, October 15 Practice

All right all you cross dudes and dudetttes - tonight's practice will be in Worthington again. Same time same place, same costs, same rules.

>Interview with Jerermy Powers by John Gatch.
>Ryan Knapp and his injury at Harbin UCI sunday
> Great video here of some Cross racing highlights

Rain forecast says 100% today in Worthington.
If it is sprinkling, or drizzle - practice is ON like donkey kong.

If it is raining cats and dogs, or otherwise dangerous weather, there will be no practice.

Sunset tonight is about 7:00 PM est. ugggg Bring lights.

Mason and Jon will be there to get the course set up. Be there around 4:45 or so to help set up. The faster we get set up the quicker we can start practice races. Questions? leave a message here or use one of the telephone numbers listed in other posts.

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