Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're on! Planning to start September 1st.

We have set a schedule for the 2009 season. Perhaps is was the tasty brews, but we were persuaded to do this twice a week. Tuesdays will be a Skillz and Drillz session, and Thursdays will be practice races, same sort of thing we did last year.

Skillz and Drillz

New for 2009. This will work on the general skills needed to be competitive in cross. We'd love to see the Columbus crossers have an advantage in the bigger races simply due to technical ability. We'll work on dismounts and remounts, barriers, starts, cornering, and anything else that you'd like to work on. So throw your ideas out there.

These are intended to be for the well-seasoned and the beginner. If you've been doing this forever, hone your skills and feel free to help out. Take someone aside and give some tips, etc. If you're a beginner and you have training questions, hopefully we'll have some people there to help give some ideas, just ask. Some great links down the page to help refresh.

The logistics:

Every Tuesday until further notice, starting Sept. 1 Starting time is about 6:00. This practice will move around to various locations and may change. We've had to eliminate a couple venues we used last year due to complaints. We'll edit this post and add location information, but wanted to get this up.

Sept 1 - Kenney Park, Graceland area
Sept 8 - Kenney Park, Graceland area
Sept 15 - Wymann Woods, Grandview (corner of Grandview and Goodale)
Sept 22 - Berliner Park (South end of Olentangy bike trail)
Sept 29 - Whittier Peninsula

Practice Races

If you attended last year, you know the drill (scroll down the page for info). All practice races are planned to take place at Worthington United Methodist Children's Home (we do have to confirm the schedule with them). We will follow-up once the meeting takes place.

New this year, we have to provide insurance. So, everyone will be required to pay a $2 insurance fee to race. Please note that it would likely be beneficial to you to have a USA Cycling license, otherwise I believe you'll be required to purchase a 1-day license for additional $$.

As of now, plan on starting Thursday Sept 3 - Worthington United Methodist Children's Home
We'll plan on running through the end of October, as daylight allows.

Here is last year's format, we'll be doing about the same thing:

6:00 pm: Meet and greet; sign up for the insurance.
6:10 pm: Parade lap to learn the course.
6:15 pm: Mount/dismount practice (get rid of that stutter step)
6:30 pm: 3-lap race (~12 min. effort)
6:50 pm: More practice starts or mount/dismounts
6:55 pm: 3-lap race (~12 min. effort)
7:15 pm: More practice starts or mount/dismounts
7:20 pm: 3-lap race (~12 min. effort)
7:35 pm: Course tear down

Hope to see you there!

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