Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Follow up - First Practice

Nice work everyone for the first practice.
Special thank you to Ryan, Jon, Mason and Spencer for getting these going and taking time out of their schedules to make this happen for the cycling community.

I was not there, but reported to me, there was between 25 and 30 attendees all of various levels.

Thankfully, the really nasty weather (hail, lightning, 50 mph wind) missed Worthington and was all south of downtown. It left just few sprinkles on the course and racers.

There were many good comments about the course, including that it provided some "challenging spots".

Next week, I'll be available to provide instruction on mounts/dismounts, turning, and general bike handling skills if there is interest.

Yes, the course was fairly twisty for our first practice. Speed on a cross bike is the "easy" part, the skills are what must be mastered and repeated to grow as a good cyclocross racer and rider. Call it driving your bicycle. Part of driving includes, having the engine (power/watts) to drive the bike through obstacles (such as sand pits) making good smooth fast turns, smooth dismounts and re-mounts and the ability to make quick speed changes, all without wasting too much fuel (energy).

Thank you for coming out everyone, we hope to see you next week. Bring a friend and introduce them to the sport.


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Ryan said...

Spencer was a huge help setting up as well. I'm especially appreciative of Spencer for fishing Arthur, my 2-yr-old, out of the grassy ditch.

Bring your kids. We can setup a little side course for them.