Sunday, September 18, 2011

CBus - Skills - Some Thoughts and Re-posts

Cross Peeps: here are a few reposts from last year and some other observations, but relevant.

I wrote this up last year, regarding dismount techniques. I thought I would repost a link since there were some questions last week about the proper ways to dismount.

Remember, like Spencer said, practice isn't always about going 100mph. Spend some time re-riding or going back over and over certain sections of the course each week at practice, finding a faster or better line through the areas you are finding difficult. It's important to know, there is always a better way and faster line through those flags and around corners. If someone is putting distance on you during practice, it might not be that they are more fit, it might just be they are picking better lines through the turns and around corners. Just because you are pedaling, doesn't mean you stop thinking. Remember what I said last week, just because the person in front of you is riding that line, doesn't mean it's the best or fastest line. Think, pedal, think, pedal and oh yea, breathe. Again, remember, your goal should be riding each lap faster and faster as you choose better lines and find the fastest way to get through the course and figure out where to pass, where to 'rest', where to enter and exit challenging sections. Think and pedal. Trust those tires.

Try taking a lap in a harder gear, I see quite a bit of spinning, which is fine, but there is also nothing wrong with trying for a lap or two, to push a harder gear. Push your butt back on that saddle and push a harder gear, you might surprise yourself with your power output. Again, this is what practice is about.

Last thought - Thursday at skills practice we worked on getting everyone around some tight turns (trees). I would suggest trying bending those elbows and lowering your chest some into the tight turns. Load up the front of the bike with your weight and then find the balance point of your body weight by shifting your weight back on the saddle. You'll have to experiment, but Professor Sholl and I saw noticeable improvement in the folks that were lowering their chest and bending their elbows around some trees. 

October 2 is the first CapCity Cross Race at John Bryan state park, are you ready? You can also pre-register if you wish.

A quick video of some folks going through the barriers and the sand pit last year during the Thursday Skills practice.:.:

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