Monday, September 12, 2011

Ditchcross - Tuesday September 13, 2011


I'm here to inform you Columbus 'crossers that practice will be taking place tomorrow night over at the ditch behind Jesse Owens Stadium.

As always, I'll be there at 4:45/5 to start setting up. If you have ideas or want to assist in setting up please come early (before 6) as we're usually done setting up. We'll race at 6:15. There will be longer races and shorter breaks since we're losing time.

**Don't forget your helmet**

(Mud pits are fun, ask Blake when you see him)

Also, the forecast is calling for scattered showers/thunderstorms around 6-9pm tomorrow night. If the weather looks nice enough, we'll be there. If not I'll post here, the 'cross group and facebook. Keep checking back for details.

Lastly, I'll be out of town Tuesday September 20, 2011. I'll need someone to take up the roll of setting the course up and transporting the equipment. Contact me (Spencer) if you can do it. Thanks!

Let's hope the rain holds off so we can practice tomorrow night!


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Blake said...

Don't let these smoke and mirrors confuse you... right after this picture was taken I shifted my weight back on my rear wheel and rode away. I actually did a wheelie. Mmhmm.