Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RE: Tues Sept 27 Practice

great job and hats off to Spencer and crew for setting up another sweet, hill climbing twist-fest for practice. I'd say easily this practice space is one of the best places we've found and seems to provide more than enough challenges for everyone.

You might have noticed (or maybe not?) the courses getting harder each week, this is on purpose and for good reason. All those short-steep hill climbs, longer laps, off camber hill climbs, wide sweeping fast turns, will all come in handy at some point this race season. When you encounter hills or anything else thrown at you during practice, come race time - you can reach into your deck of cards, pull them out, throw them down behind you and show Cleveland your wake.

It seems many of you are really starting to find your groove, cornering, trusting your tires and pedaling power. Some impressive efforts from a bunch of you last night. It was nice to see a cross section of riders out there giving it their all and working through their own challenges. Thank you to the ladies for also showing up and getting involved in cross.

I'd guess there was about 35-40 or so of you that braved the sprinkles to come out and show your mettle. Everyone stayed around into dusk for 4-more laps of fun, then put in the effort to assist in tearing down the course.

I did see some new faces out there. If you need help, with anything please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Mason, Tim Sholl or Layne. We would all gladly help where we can.

So why don't you put it all together and come out this weekend to race?

Gear Fest in Dayton Saturday

John Bryan on Sunday

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