Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Night drainagecross Practice - 6 of September Edition

Cbus 'crossers,

Come out to the ditch tonight to spin those tired legs from the first weekend of 'cross racing. I know everyone's sore from racing against Cleveland or the treacherous fire roads and horse trampled descents of Frankenbike, but that's no excuse to take a break just quite yet. You're just building your base and you need some more to put on top.

As always, I'll be over to the drainage ditch around 4:45/5pm to set up. Hot laps begin a 6:15pm and will go through dusk. We're losing valuable daylight, so expect shorter breaks between races.

Also, I'll be keeping an eye on the weather. It looks like it should be good, but I'll update if any flash floods, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes. We are in a drainage ditch; expect to get wet tonight.

See you soon,


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