Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday Skills - SEPT 8 - Wyman Woods - 6:00p

CBUS CX Peeps:
I have some time tomorrow at 6:00 pm to teach some skills or one on one stuff with anyone who's interested, until about 7:00 pm.
I won't have time to bring my barriers, but we can work on mounts, dismounts, and some cornering technique around trees and such.
These skill sessions seemed to work out quite a bit for a few folks last year, if you are new to cx this year or were new last year or would just like to learn how to drive your cx bike faster.

I'll wait around till 6:15 or so, if no one shows up, I will leave.

MAP Location to Wyman Woods


1 comment:

Mike Mullins said...

Will there be a Thursday skills practice next week? I would have come yesterday but I didn't check the website.