Monday, September 19, 2011

September 20, 2011 - DrainageCX

Another week, another practice.

Yes, yes, yes practice is going to be taking place over at the drainage ditch behind Jesse Owen's Memorial Stadium. Kevin and Allan will be there to set up around 4:45pm. Expect races to start 15 minutes after 6pm. When it's all said and done, stick around and help pull flags out of the ground.

We're knee deep in 'cross season so step it up. Ask questions if you have them. Work on handling those bikes, dismounts and remounts. Lay off the brakes. While it may feel good to go full throttle, remember that it's practice. Work on your lines. Don't hesitate to go back and try new lines (be careful of riders though).

I won't be there, but I hope everyone has a good time. See ya next week!



Mark said...

Looks like weather is not going to be an issue tonight - Practice is a go.

if you want to help set up, show up around 5:15 or so....Kevin will be there to take spencer's role.

Burkey said...

Great event last night all! I hope to make more and perhaps have some Raleigh bikes to demo.