Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barrier Video

Check your barrier technique at practice tonight. Thanks for being flexible about the venue; hope it wasn't too dark on the ride home from Woodward. We'll get the mini races going off sooner next week.

QUICK TIP: Set your bike down; don't drop it. You don't want your bike bouncing around or your chain flopping off. Plus, you can set the bike down and use it to steady yourself before the remount. In the original audio you can hear a lot of chains slapping stays after the barrier.

Thanks especially to Jon for all the help with the course set-up.

Good luck at the races this weekend. Don't forget the clinic at Kenney Park this Friday @ 6pm.

-Ryan Rish


Dan Mascret said...

Great night of Cross practice. I thank you again for giving us riders this venue to work on CX. The video shows me how bad I really am.Thanks Again

Kirk said...

Hey, how come no one is put their weight on the top tube (through their arm) before dismounting?

(I think Nate does it, maybe Ryan)

Ryan said...

Good observation. One possible factor is that the lead up to the barrier was pretty fast and people who don't have their brakes crossed might be trimming speed on the right/rear brake.

Another thing for all of us to work on is running through the barrier (like a hurdler) rather than over it.

And be sure to thank Jon S.; he makes this happen just as much as I do.

Kirk said...

I forgot to add, with the right arm in the aforementioned spot, it is then also in the right spot to pick up zee bike.

(to me, the right arm placement is crucial to the high speed dismount, mostly so the rider can unweigh enough to ensure "clip-out".)

Mark said...

I am just mad I wasn't there to get on video to see how bad I look.
nice work Jon and Ryan.
is that video up on ew tube?

Poster Boy said...

Glad I could be of service.

I adjusted the release tension down on my pedals, try again tomorrow.

Blaming the equipment, it can't possibly be my technique.