Monday, September 1, 2008

First Practice: Tues 9/2

First practice tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 2nd @ 6pm.

The course is marked with marking flags (red on your right, yellow on your left). The lap is a little over a mile, and lap times are 4-5 minutes. The ground is hard and fast, so we put in many twists and turns to keep it fun. One run-up and one set of double barriers. Thanks to Larry, Lisa and Jon for helping setup the course.

Here's the format:
6:00 pm: Meet and greet; sign up for drawing.
6:15 pm: Parade lap to learn the course.
6:30 pm: 2-lap race (10 min. effort)
6:50 pm: 2-lap race (10 min. effort)
7:10 pm: 2-lap race (10 min. effort)

From week to week, we plan to change up the course and the format based on your input. So feel free to let us know what you think; we want to make this a cyclocross practice that serves as many people's needs as possible. We also want to attract as many new people to the sport as we can, so please invite everyone who is even curious about cyclocross.

Even if you're out on your road bike stop on by and check us out. The course is at 5400 Foster Ave. From the Olentangy River Bike Path, cross the bridge south of Antrim Park to Broadmeadows Blvd. cross High St. over to Meadowlark Ln. and on up to the course.

Hope to see you tomorrow; bring a helmet and a positive attitude!

-Ryan & Jon

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