Friday, September 19, 2008

Practice Tues 9/23 NEW LOCATION


Now that the soccer league at Kenney Park is playing matches, they have reoriented one of their fields so that it will not be possible to have practice races there.

We are moving the practice to Woodward Memorial Park, so you'll have to pedal an extra couple miles to get there: here's a map from the bike path. We'll get the course flagged tomorrow afternoon and post more details.

There are natural barriers on the path into Woodward, so do what you do best to get there.

Jon S. will hang back at Kenney Park to pick up anyone who doesn't get the word on the change.

Sorry for the last-minute change; tell your friends. The Friday clinic is still at Kenney Park (no matches on Fridays).

-Ryan Rish


6:00 pm: Meet and greet; sign up for drawing.
6:10 pm: Parade lap to learn the course.
6:15 pm: Quick shouldering demo
6:20 pm: Win-and-out practice starts (shoulder/run-up @ end)
6:30 pm: ?-lap race (~15 min. effort) 5 min. rest
6:50 pm: ?-lap race (~15 min. effort) 5 min. rest
7:10 pm: ?-lap race (~15 min. effort) 5 min. rest
7:30 pm: Drawing for Cap City Race Coupon #2
7:35 pm: Course tear down

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Derrick said...

Hey Ryan,

I've got some questions about the steps you're having to go through to set up the cx practices using Columbus parks and rec. Considering doing cross practices on Thursday nights too as I got a class on Tuesdays now. You can reach me at Thanks