Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great turnout for 1st practice

Great turnout last night: 18 people (3 Women), WOW! Awesome for the first practice.

Thanks to all who came out, had fun, and helped tear down the course.

Keep checking this blog for next Tuesday's plans; we are going to switch venues until Norman (resident) cools down. The majority of the residents were super positive about us being there, though. And we have plans of attending the community association meeting to make further inroads.

I have another spot in mind for Tuesday and will scout it out tonight; look for a post with a new map and directions for getting there from the bike path.

Bring ANOTHER friend next week, and post a comment with suggestions for the format. Did you like the mini races? Would you like a skill session to cover the basics? Practice starts?

Let us know; we're encouraged by your enthusiasm.

And don't forget, next practice is the drawing for the Cap City Cross Coupon. If you win, you race for $5 at one of the first five Cap City races.

-Ryan Rish


2bikeproductions said...

the races were fantastic! I had so much fun, fall excluded.

I think that the location is great, with or without Norman. Let me know when the community meeting is and I will try to attend.

I think that the mini race format, especially with the staggered starts was a blast.

Maybe we can do this twice a week? Tuesday and Thursday?

Ryan said...

Glad you liked the practice.

For the community association, I think we'll just go in with 2-3 people (Ed Miner, a resident, being one). No need for a show of force. Thanks for the support, though.

We'll keep the mini races, and add some skill sessions.

Twice a week would be tough to sustain for me (wife, children, grad school, etc.). Not to say someone else couldn't head up a Thursday effort.

Keep spreading the word, especially to the shops who are selling cross bikes to people looking to learn the sport.

2bikeproductions said...

as school starts up, I think I would be able to run the Thursday night race, provided I don't get a TA/GA.

Anonymous said...

If there's enough collective interest, I'd say go ahead with twice-per-week sessions. Better the chance that riders can make at least one. Maybe use Tuesday as the race-simulation day, and the other as a skills day.

My observation has been that mount/dismount and cornering are the most costly skills for costing you positions. My remount blows, and jeez, I never practice it. Fitness gains come pretty slowly, but improving lap times via skills polishing is a gimmie, and can hand you a better finish result from one session.