Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tonight's Practice

Bring your mud tires tonight. There's a bit in the woods where you might need a little more bite out of your tires.

Be sure to pre-ride the singletrack tonight. It's no big deal if you're used to riding off-road. If you're not (Isaiah), check it out before the mini races. If you're not comfortable with it, there is a bail out route along the tree line. We just don't want a newbie breaking his/her collar bone, but we also want to make the course fun.

I have an agreement with the soccer coaches conducting practice at Kenney Park that if we become a nuisance to their practice, we will discontinue. Their soccer league has a permit to use the park. They should be finishing up as we are getting into the mini-races. However, let's please err on the side of caution and stop if you see a kid chasing a soccer ball in your path. Tonight's kind of a trial to see if we can co-exist.

Scroll down for more details.

Choose your own adventure.

-Ryan Rish

1 comment:

2bikeproductions said...

for anyone who hasn't ridden cross in the wet or mud yet, tonight is a perfect chance to see how effective low tire pressures are.

one thing to remember though, this is all about having fun and learning. Don't push it too hard and get hurt.