Thursday, September 4, 2008

Learning about Cross

As you may already have discovered, there is a wealth of advice about cyclocross available online, in books, and even in video.

In case you haven't seen these articles from two cross gurus: Adam Myerson & Andy Applegate.

Also the Brandon Dwight videos that cover the basics: 1.) intro, 2.) course, 3.) dismount, 4.) barriers, 5.) shoulder, 6.) remount. Sometimes it helps to see it.

Post a comment on the blog to share other sources you found useful.

-Ryan Rish

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Anonymous said...

I have the Simon Burney book, which I will loan out if I can find it. To my memory it was a little dated, but was still good info, and has probably been revised if you get it from cycling-specific sources.

Definitely check out Cyclocross Magazine. It's a quarterly, and I believe all three back issues are still available. Good vibe, and covers all aspects of the sport. I personally don't always like the focus on new and trendy gear, but that does serve the majority of readers.