Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cross Clinic

A Cross Clinic is in the works for Fri September 26th from 6pm until whenever. We will be primarily focusing on basic to intermediate Cross skills as well as a Q&A session afterwards. This should also be a great way to prep for the Alum Creek Cross race the following day. There will most likely be a $5 donation forcibly requested to cover costs.

Interested parties please contact/rsvp Ryan Gamm at gammryan at hotmail.com

More details to follow soon.

-Ryan Gamm

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Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks RG. I should be there. My two suggestions to cover/include would be

1) dismount/mount - remounting is my personal biggest Achilles heel, but it's so easy to watch races where otherwise equal fitness riders are getting gaped by the ones who are smoother.

2) cornering - I was sick this last practice, so I mostly watched, and there were some riders who went down or had trouble with cornering, especially as the grass slickened up and the singletrack got muckier. Cover front tire choice and pressure, line choice, weight distribution, and other techniques.

When I'm helping RR with the course layout, I'm not specifically trying to make whole courses representative of what rides will see in local races, but rather work in specific elements (like faster sweeping turns, off-camber things, and technical sections that are ridable, but faster when run) that seem to be the most common and biggest lap time sinks at the races.